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    We are a not-for profit organisation which aims to promote, help coordinate and support calls for justice for people living in social housing and on estates around the United Kingdom.    "There are those who turn justice into bitterness, and cast righteousness to the ground."                  Amos 5  v. 7

Mission Statement

You will be remembered, 

Fragile martyrs of midsummer, 

Mass immolated on Mammon's filthy altar, 

Whose blackened skeleton, now ugly, now ashamed, 

Groans for Justice, bereft of peace. 

David Wingfield


This site  :

This site is for people of all political persuasions, or none at all, so people of good heart and good spirit may join together to fight the insidious and hidden corruption in so much of British life. We take the struggle forward by being together, united, to fight for the dignity of those who cannot fight on their own. Join us so victims of Grenfell Tower will not be forgotten!


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Our current call to action - we call for:

1. The government to remove all cladding and insulation which promotes fire growth from all buildings (following Grenfell disaster).

2. An end to moving people out of borough i.e. away from schools, family, friends, support.

3. Properly designated areas of social housing which work for communities and do not demean people.

4. An expansion of social housing with associated FUNDING.  A realization that the government has been deliberately cutting funding for many years, as a means of social policy.  Bluntly put, give them right to buy, and watch them vote Conservative.  And to hell with the consequences. 

5.  Clamp down, by legislation if necessary, on Section 106 payments, which are being used so that Councils avoid their obligation to provide social housing. 

6. Address the whole issue of proper regulation of fire prevention giving architects and fire departments more time and resources to do their part. [read the article, referenced in the list on the right, Architects know Grenfell Tower was an avoidable tragedy :  quote : "Building control departments in councils have been left toothless and eviscerated, while the authority of fire officers and architects has been weakened in favour of profit.  Look where that has got us." 

7. In 1980, when Right to Buy was introduced, social housing represented 42% of the housing market. In 2017 it was 8%.  We now know the results of this.

8. Promote debate and uncover the truth, as opposed to making policy out of slogans that sound good.  We deserve more than  "slogan policy", or "newsbite policy".

9. Address the issue of road pollution near primary schools.  Yes, it will take money and cooperation from local people.  Electric vehicles, yes please. 

10.  At the present moment, the Inquiry looks like it will have a narrow remit, ie what caused the fire, and what remedial action can be taken.  The government does not want a wider inquiry, that would look at, for instance, the deliberate running down of social housing, that would look at the reasons for the indifference shown to the concerns of the Grenfell tower residents, that would ask questions as to why funding for Law Centres has been cut.  As the government  has the funding  to set up a Public Inquiry, we can see how government, representing the rich and influential, manages to exert control over the debate, over the marginalised in society. Oh, Parliament is going to vote for funding to set up a wide ranging Public Inquiry ?  You're having a laugh . . . 




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Four of his pupils, and one former pupil who had recently left the school, died in the blaze. A handful of other students who lived in the tower escaped with their lives – some with injuries – while others have been rehoused.

In total, 56 out of 60 students made it to the exam on 14 June. They were “shellshocked”, says Benson, and some in borrowed clothes but they still came.

Others studied during their convalescence, including Georgina Smith, a younger year 8 student, who diligently emailed her computer science homework to her teacher from her hospital bed.

Almost all have continued to turn up for their lessons – with attendance at 90%.

“The overwhelming majority of students were eager to get back to school,” says Benson. “They were eager to see their friends. They understood the importance of getting on with their learning and lessons.”


[  full article :  "I've been even more proud and inspired . . . "

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The London Fire Brigade (LFB) said it did not "sign off" the refurbishment - adding that its legal powers limit the service to act only on "internal fire safety problems such as compromised fire doors and combustible materials on staircases".

A spokesman said: "While firefighters regularly visit local buildings to familiarise themselves with the layout and the firefighting equipment such as hydrants, this is not the same as making a detailed inspection of a building refurbishment especially when many of the changes would sit outside of our powers."

He added he could not confirm the exact contact the LFB had with the TMO regarding Grenfell Tower because the public inquiry had begun.


[  taken from : 'LFB advised on Grenfell Tower refurbishment' 

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Zita Holbourne, the national chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, which is part of the BMELawyers4Grenfell coalition, said the terms were better than expected, but added: “It’s not included the wider issues around social housing, socioeconomic issues, the issues of race, religion and equality in relation to adequate housing, the impact of austerity and cost-cutting leading to the neglect of residents.”

Peter Herbert, the chair of the Society of Black Lawyers, said the coalition would be meeting survivors on Thursday to get their responses to the terms of reference, warning that they might challenge them in court if their demands were not met.

He said the inquiry needed to tackle “the background causes, the wholly inadequate public provision of social housing, which is the context in which this avoidable tragedy occurred”. Holbourne and Herbert also called for advisers to the panel to be diverse with respect to ethnicity and expertise.

Jocelyn Cockburn, the joint head of civil liberties at the law firm Hodge Jones & Allen, which is representing some residents, said: “The chair should not be ruling out issues, at this early stage, which may prove to be relevant to the causes of the disaster.”

Labour said it would press for an amendment to the terms or reference, accusing May of trying to “hoodwink the public” by suggesting people would still get answers to key questions about social housing policy.


[ taken from 'Grenfell fire inquiry will not consider wider issues'   :   see External Articles, scroll down ] 

Matt Wrack, head of the Fire Brigades Union, said that under its current terms the investigation would fail to answer crucial questions. He said it seemed designed to protect Whitehall from scrutiny and would exacerbate the hurt felt by survivors and the families of those who died.

The prime minister was subject to severe criticism in the days after the fire. Since then, we have seen the start of a campaign to protect the government and place the blame anywhere else, anywhere but Whitehall,” he said on Wednesday.


[ taken from 'Grenfell inquiry will not consider sociopolitical factors'  :    see External Articles,  scroll down ] 


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