The morning after the fire, James Clutton, the director of opera at Opera Holland Park, visited the west London site. He had not gone to help but to search for someone. 

I was looking for my mate Debbie,” Clutton says. “She’d left the theatre the night before after her shift and gone home. We knew she lived in Grenfell.”

Deborah Lamprell, 45, lived on the 16th floor. She texted her mother at 11.30 that night, as she did every night, to let her know she was home safely. It was the last anyone heard of her. She is listed among the missing.

Clutton went first to the Rugby Portobello Trust, a youth charity based in north Kensington which had immediately become a makeshift shelter. Six of RPT’s own young members died in the fire. As Clutton walked in, people greeted him. His is a familiar face in the area. Opera Holland Park has collaborated closely with the trust and in the past nine years has raised more than £500,000.

“It was still early,” says Mark Simms, chief executive of the trust, and of P3, its parent charity. “I saw James at the door. He was in a heightened state of distress as if looking for a member of his family. He kept asking if anyone had seen Debbie.


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