The bishop of Kensington, Graham Tomlin,  also proposed a

two-stage inquiry:

first, to look at the cause of the fire and decisions taken on the night of 14 June, and second, to look at decisions and issues over a number of years that may have contributed to the disaster.

Tomlin suggested there should be :

a separate independent commission on housing in London

to examine the regulation of a housing market “that often seems more focused on investment than actually housing people”.

So-called affordable housing was not affordable for many people and there was not enough social housing, he said in his submission. “This creates the kind of divided communities we have seen in Kensington, leading to disparity and social tension.”

Tomlin told the Guardian: “There are parts of London where the only people who can live there are either the very poor or the very wealthy, and nothing in between. That contributes to this sense – which is concentrated in Kensington – of two very different communities, one very wealthy and one very disadvantaged, right next door to each other. It exacerbates a sense of dislocation.”


[taken from "Bishop calls for locals to be on Grenfell panel" - see External Articles, scroll to bottom of list]