Dent Coad said a legal commitment must be given to a second stage. “We need to look at all the broader issues. One of the concerns about a two-part inquiry – like with Hillsborough – is if it’s held off for too long and then it doesn’t happen at all, so that’s a concern.”

The first stage should “look at accountability and recommendations straight away so that the things that have become most obvious throughout the inquiry are put into action straight away”, the MP said.

In a submission made public last month, David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham who lost a family friend in the fire, backed a two-stage investigation into the specific causes and circumstances of the blaze and its implications for national policy.

The first stage, according to Lammy, should cover the policies and decisions of Kensington and Chelsea council and the Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), and the London fire brigade’s “stay put” policy, which some have suggested contributed to the high number of deaths.

The second stage should address “systemic failure at a local and national level when it comes to the provision, management and administration of social housing in this country”.