Some residents said they were pleased the work was under way on Friday. But others criticised what they believed was a failure to invest more in social housing in recent years, as council officials began the work of trying to find new homes for those who did not want to stay in the towers.

“They [Whitehall] have stopped the money coming in everywhere and [local councils] are working on half of the money that they should be getting,” said the head of the estate’s residents’ association, Jeanette Mason. She said more council housing should have been built in recent decades.

“They are selling off stock and they shouldn’t be. It’s wrong. Why aren’t the government releasing the money for these people? And why do they keep privatising everything when not everyone wants privatisation?”

She attacked cuts to public services across the board, saying: “Why are they not giving it back to the people to help us? We desperately need it.”


[ Exerpt from "Work starts on tower blocks found to be unsafe"  :   see External Articles, and scroll down]